It has merely been two weeks since the 54-year-old actress, Sridevi passed away on February 24 in Dubai and we still find it hard to register the fact that she is no more with us. While we were initially told that the actress died of cardiac arrest, but after an autopsy report was issued by authorities in Dubai, it was discovered that the actress died of accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub on losing consciousness.

Her untimely demise came as a shocker not just to her family but also to her fans and the entire film fraternity. While we all are deeply affected by the actress’s sudden death, but we still can’t relate to the pain through which Boney Kapoor and her two loving daughters, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are going. A source close the family even revealed that Boney was “crying like a baby” and is “inconsolable” after his wife’s death.

Recently, we came across a beautiful picture of Sridevi from her Durga Puja celebrations for which she had flown to Lucknow in 2013. In the picture, the actress is seen wearing a typical Bengali saree and is all coloured with sindoor as she celebrated ‘Sindoor Khela’ at a pandal. While we completely love how she looks in the picture but one thing that we love more than anything in the picture is the way she has showcased her love for her husband.
Check out the picture right here to know what we are talking about:

Isn’t it adorable?
We completely love how she got Boney’s name written on her back with the sindoor.
Earlier in an interview, appreciating about his wife, Boney said, “There is nothing that she can’t do. As an actor her range is limitless. From comedy in Chalbaaz and Mr India to the mellow muted drama of Mom where she lifted a potentially routine story to sublime levels, she is according to me the best actress ever. And I take into consideration all the actresses from the past, present and future. I am pretty certain there won’t be another Sridevi.”

Unveling what made him fall in love with Sridevi, Boney once said, “I was impressed from the start by the dignity with which she conducted herself. On the sets when she was shooting she would largely keep to herself. But she was never considered standoffish. There was always warmth towards her. What really endeared me to her was that she was down to earth. Success never went to her head. She was always grounded and continues to be. So, commands respect spontaneously. When she enters a room, people stand up for her reflexively.”

In yet another interview, Boney revealed how Sridevi constantly stood by his side in his thick and thins. He said, “She’s involved with me every second. She has completely surrendered herself to this role. We trust each other. We are supportive of each other, though most of the support comes from her. She’s always prepared to face the consequences of my decisions. My highs are her highs and my lows are her lows. Post-2000, I ran into financial troubles. She stood by me. She even walked barefoot from our home (Lokhandwala Complex) to the Siddhi Vinayak Temple (Prabhadevi) praying for my wellbeing.”

Boney and Sridevi were madly in love with each other, so much that nothing could ever overpower their love for each other. Talking about the same, Boney spilled the beans in an interview and said, “Sri’s a shopaholic but it’s not that she buys only for herself. She fends for herself when she shops extravagantly. She understands my financial situation. She gifted me a Porsche on my birthday, something I couldn’t afford. I was stuck with my old car for around nine years. We are a normal couple and have our fights. Sometimes she makes up, sometimes I. The love is too immense for the ego to overpower. It finally melts down to agreeing to agree. Like I enjoy watching sports and the news on TV, which she doesn’t. But the minute I walk into our room and even though she happens to be watching her favourite show, she’ll hand over the remote to me.”

He also said, “If I was Shah Jahan I would have built her a Taj Mahal. If I were a painter, I would have made her a beautiful painting. But, I make movies. Hence, I don’t know a better way than the gift of films for her.”

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