The very popular Singer Daler Mehndi got convicted in a human trafficking case and sentenced two years in jail by a Patiala court in Punjab on Friday. As soon as he got convicted of the crime, Punjab Police took him into custody.

As per reports of a leading media organization, it has been revealed that a case, against the singer, his elder brother Shamsher Singh and some of his associates, was registered by the Patiala police after they received a complaint against them by a resident of Balbehra Village, Bakshish Singh in Punjab in 2003. In the complaint, Bakshish had accused Mehndi and his brothers of duping him by taking lakhs of rupees from him on the pretext of sending him abroad as a member of his singing troupe.

And soon after this case got registered, many others came forward to allege the two of the same crime.

It has been told that the court had earlier dismissed two discharge petitions filed by the police in favour of the singer and ordered the police to file a fresh challan against the singer. In February 2006, the first discharge petition was filed, which stated that Mehndi should be released of all the charges as he had been found to be innocent in the case.

But the court had rejected the petition and had then confirmed that there was enough evidence on the judicial file against Mehndi and that the police should get deep into the matter. It didn’t end here as the police again filed a discharge petition in the support of Singh. However, it got rejected for the second time by the court and the police were yet again ordered to register a fresh challan against Mehndi.

As per latest reports, it has been told that the singer has already got a bail. Stay tuned for more updates!

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