The fame couple of Bigg Boss 11, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra have been keeping in news for quite some time. While the two are always appreciated by their fans for their love and chemistry, but recently after the two shared a love-making picture on their social media, they got badly trolled.

No, it is not their PDA that has bothered the people this time but the fact that they tried to copy Virushka style of kissing.

It so happened that Puneesh took it to his Instagram account recently to share a picture of himself with Bandgi, in which she was seen planting a kiss on his cheeks. As soon as he shared the picture, comments started pouring in. While some of their supporters liked their picture, but others, who managed to spot the similarity in their pose with that of Virat and Anushka’s in one of their recent kissing picture, left no chance to take them down.

If you have no clue what we are talking about, check out these two pictures right here and you’ll know it all:

Well, the pictures do seem similar because of the pose but the comments and reactions that the two posts received were completely different.  While Anushka’s post received immense love and appreciation, Puneesh’s post only received the wrath of the fans.

Here are some of the hate comments that Puneesh’s post received:








When Bandgi and Puneesh were in the Bigg Boss house, the viewers only thought that Bandgi wasn’t a strong personality and that she and Puneesh were only romancing in front of the camera to stay in the game for long. But after Bandgi got evicted from the show, she rubbished all the assumptions after and made it loud and clear to all that their love wasn’t fake and that they will continue to be in a relationship even after the show comes to an end.

Post her eviction, in a talk with an esteemed daily, Bandgi had said,  “Our love was completely true and I have no complains if it has gone against me. I completely enjoyed my stint in the show and that’s what matters to me. And I don’t have any regret of whatever happened between me and Puneesh. I won’t say it was right but it happened in the emotion and I won’t analyse or cry over spilt milk now. I also have no qualms in accepting that I will continue my relationship with him after the show. I will wait for him as long as need, as I want him to come back with the winning trophy.”

In yet another interview, Bandgi even clarified about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal and claimed how she had already broken up with him before entering the show. “He has hacked my account and has been spreading all kinds of rumours about me. One of those is that my family, my parents are unhappy about my affair with Puneesh. My family is fine. I had therefore clarified this in front of Salman since Priyank had come from outside and wrong information was being circulated and discussed in the house. My ex just wants some publicity, it will all fade out,” told Bandgi to an esteemed website.

Well, now we all know that Bandgi and Puneesh are very much together. And what could be a bigger proof of their relationship than this picture in which Bandgi is seen kissing the man of her life.

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