It was shocking that a young photographer, Ankit Saxena, 23, had lost his life on Thursday evening. As per the reports, he was murdered by his Muslim girlfriend’s family members. This incident took place at the West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar, where girl’s father and her uncle killed the boy by slitting his throat with a knife. He screamed and asked the people for help but the people present on the street did not help him.

According to the reports, the Hindu boy, Ankit was in a relationship with a Muslim girl, Shehzadi. They both were in true love and had planned to get married soon. The girl’s family was not in favor of their relationship. And as a result, the boy had to pay his life for the girl.

It is said that nobody helped Ankit at the location. His mother tried to save him but she was unsuccessful to save her child. This was when a rickshaw driver helped him and took him to the local hospital where he was declared as dead.

CCTV footage of Ankit’s last minutes before being attacked is doing the rounds on the internet. In the video, Ankit is seen all tensed, roaming on the streets before being attacked by the girl’s family members. The video was recorded seven minutes before Ankit’s throat was slit by his girlfriend’s family members.

It has also been told that the family member of Shehzadi which includes her mother, father, underage brother and uncle have got arrested by police.

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