Every girl dreams of having a guy that talks slick, dresses sharp and has a good physique.  But is every girl that fortunate enough to get blessed with one such prince charming? No, not really.
Here is a list of different types of boyfriends see which one is yours:
The hungry boyfriend

Every time you see him, he’s munching on one thing or the other and is still hungry. Even when he claims that you’re his first love, you can never be the first one as its food.  When you ask him to taste your milkshake, he already drinks half of it. And just don’t believe him when he says that he is not hungry because he always is. He has the capacity to eat an 18-inch pizza all by himself, so it’s always better to order more than stay hungry when you’re out for dinner with him.
The romantic boyfriend

He is that guy who believes in love at first sight. He never fails to bombard you with surprises even when there’s no special occasion. He is the one who never gets tired of telling you regularly that he loves you. He never forgets your birthday or anniversary and knows exactly how to make love to you on your special day.
The know it all boyfriend

He’s the one who has the answers to each question you ask him. He can never fail to amaze you with his knowledge and intellect. There’s hardly anything in this world that he doesn’t know about. And when it comes to you, He just can’t afford to fail. He knows every minuscule thing related to you, that even you aren’t aware of.
The player boyfriend

Once a player, always a player. This guy never gets tired of playing around with girls. He’s a sly and great with his words. He always smiles differently when he meets that friend of yours who wears short dresses. No matter how much he boasts that he loves you, he avoids talking about the future. He is a big-time flirt and wouldn’t mind hitting around a number of girls at the same time while he’s dating you. But he won’t ever get caught. This is why he is called a player.
The dominating boyfriend

The guy who always wants to force his opinions on you. According to him, he’s the only one who’s always right. He is the one who tries to rule you by taking control over every decision that you make in life. He is the one who makes a list of do’s and don’ts for you. He decides who you should hang out with and who you shouldn’t hang out with.
The lazy boyfriend

He is the one who doesn’t get excited about anything other than staying in-house drooling on his favorite couch, watching sitcoms. The guy is just too lazy to even step out of his room. Most of your movie plans get canceled because he already has thousands of excuses to not go out and all you end up doing is watch it on TV. Also, you just can’t enter his room since it’s a mess and he just doesn’t get motivated enough to tidy it up. At times, you even have to remind him that it’s time he gets his beard done.
The gamer boyfriend
Name a game, and he has it. He is the one who loves to sit at a relatively silent place, playing one of his favorite mission games like Ninja Gaiden, constantly punching those console controls. If you are dating one such guy, you just can’t say anything important while he is playing his game. Even if he does try to listen to you, he’ll only retain half of it. Also, going out for dinner is not one of his ideal dates. Playing a co-op game together is more his thing.
The secretive boyfriend
He is the one who keeps a lot of secrets from you.  He doesn’t share anything about his family or his past with you. Even when he does, it’s in bits and pieces. Whenever you try to get into his personal matters, he either avoids it completely by simply changing the topic or gives a nonsensical explanation. Also, there are times when he gets too obsessed with his phone the moment you try to check it. It seems that he is hiding something that he surely doesn’t want you to see.                                                                                                                         
The oversensitive boyfriend

An overly sensitive guy is the one who easily gets affected by intense feelings. He needs to be tackled with a lot more understanding and patience. Every word that you utter can affect him, so you need to be a little choosy with your words when you are around him.  At times, he might misunderstand you and outburst in an immature manner, but you can very well ease him up with you love.

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