Earlier this month, a student of Delhi University was traveling from a DTC bus when an unidentified middle-aged man sitting next to her started masturbating. Most of the passengers who were on the bus saw the guy do this shameful act but there was not even a single person who extended help to the girl to save her from being molested. This was when the DU girl decided to help herself by recording the entire incident on her phone and posting it on her social media account.
Firstly, she tried to raise an alarm against the man by telling how he was molesting her by touching her waist with his elbows. But since her voice fell deaf on the ears of all the passengers present on the bus she was left with no option but to post the recorded video on social media.

Talking about the incident with an esteemed daily, the girl revealed, “I felt the man next to me do something and touch my waist with his elbow. It felt a bit weird so I decided to record on my phone. He was masturbating”.
She further added, “I raised an alarm and shouted at him too.  No one in the bus said a word. He retorted saying I should get out if I have a problem.”

When the girl went home and narrated the whole story to her family and expressed that she wanted to lodge a complaint against the man, she was initially refused to do so. This is why she uploaded the video on Twitter tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Police and other authorities”.
Later, she even reported the whole matter to the police with a video of the incident after which an FIR was registered at Vasant Vihar police station on Sunday.
Well, even after filing the complaint, the girl has still not got justice as the accused has not been arrested or identified yet. The police is still on a lookout and believes that he must be a local resident.
When the Additional DCP (south-west), Monika Bhardwaj was asked to report the progress in the matter she had said that a case under sections pertaining to obscene acts and sexual harassment has been registered and the team was making all efforts to identify the man.
Here’s the video that the girl shared on Twitter:

As soon as the video was uploaded, it broke the internet like a storm and created an uproar on Twitter. People started pouring in with mixed reactions. While some commented on the man’s shameful act, others went ahead to take a toll on the passengers who were on the bus and did nothing to help the girl.  Here’s how Twitterati reacted to her post:


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