Believe it or not, miracles do take place even today. And what happened with this Army Soldier’s pregnant wife is no less than a miracle.
On Saturday, the Sunjuwan camp of the 36th brigade of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, with 150 family quarters where soldiers stayed with their families, got attacked by four Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists. In the attack, while 5 soldiers and the father of one of the soldiers lost their lives, 11 people were badly injured.

Among all those who were injured, there was a 24-year-old pregnant lady named Shahzada Khan, who got badly shot by the terrorists in the attack.
As per reports by a leading daily, it is told that pregnant Shahzada tried her best to save herself from being attacked by the terrorists who had rushed into the army military camps. But she still got shot and by the time the jawans had rushed to save her, she had lost a lot of blood and was in a state of complete shock.
Reports say that the injured lady was then airlifted by helicopter from the camp to the Satwari military hospital where the doctors battled all night to save her life and that of her child. Along with her, her husband, Nazir Ahmed was also admitted to the hospital as he too was injured with gunshot wounds.

Later on Saturday night, the doctors declared that the lady was out of danger and gave birth to a 2.5 kg baby, delivered by caesarean section.

Getting hit with a bullet and that too in the lower back is too dangerous for a pregnant lady. But all thanks to the doctors who worked their best to save both Shazada and her baby.

As per reports by a leading web portal, it was said that ‘Both, the mother and the baby girl, are stable. Shazada is still recovering from her wounds and the emergency delivery, but it was a miracle how the duo survived the attack.’

Is it less than any miracle? What do you have to say? Share your views in the comment section.

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