Not every relationship lasts longer than it was meant to last. At times things just fall apart. Rather than watering a dead stem, it is better to get rid of it. Similarly, Separation is better than holding onto a complicated relationship.
Breaking up with your beloved may sound easy but it really isn’t. While some may get over their partner in a few days, there are some who take ages to do so. No matter how much you try to push down your emotions, they will eventually arise. And when it comes to girls, they totally suck at emotions. They just can’t bear the pain of getting dumped. The pain consumes her to an extent that she locks herself in isolation for a week. It gets impossible for her to cope and starts acting weird. If you are a girl who is bad at dealing with untimely rejection, here is a list of 9 things that you might relate to after your breakup:
Starts getting drunk
Alcohol becomes a girl’s best friend after she breaks up with her guy. Even when she knows that she doesn’t have enough capacity, she still can’t do without drinking way too much. She believes that it would help her get over the trauma of being dumped by a foolish guy. Drinking or getting high may seem to be the most liberating option initially, but it can be felt in the form of an aching head the very next morning.
Re-reads his old texts
After she breaks up with her guy, her emotions are at an all-time high. It is hard for most of the girls to accept it immediately. They tend to re-read their old lovey-dovey conversations with their ex and wonder what went wrong. They repetitively go through their phone to recall all the good memories in the hope of getting back with their partner again.
Goes on a hunger strike

All of a sudden, she stops eating food. She doesn’t feel the need to even munch on her favorite chocolates in this emotionally traumatizing situation. She is too depressed to feel motivated enough to eat something or take good care of her physical health. Her friends and family members get worried on seeing a drastic change in her appetite.
Stalks him on social media

Even when she knows everything is over, she still can’t believe it. She regularly keeps a track of his ex-boyfriend’s activities over social media. She would suspect every girl of being her new girlfriend just because he commented on her picture. No matter how bad it hurts her to see him seem unaffected by the breakup; she still doesn’t lose hope and thinks that things might just fall back in place.
Her Phone playlist is full of sad songs

One of the worst things she does after a breakup is listening to those overemotional-sentimental songs. Instead of focusing on how to get over him, she rather starts channelizing her feelings for the wrong person by relating to these stupid songs she listens to.
Spends all her money

To divert her mind, she spends all her money on shopping cosmetics and clothes. And if not that, she would get a body massage or hair spa done to ease her emotions. It becomes one more reason for her to pamper herself. Even after trying so hard and spending so much, she’ll fail the very moment she realizes how cool it was to shop when he was around. 

Tells everyone what a big jerk he was
Now when it’s all over, she suddenly realises that he was not the right guy for her. She would tell her friends and family what a piece of shit he was. She pours her soul out to her friends every time she meets them and doesn’t get tired until she tells each one of them that he was the one who broke her heart and was always at fault.
Shares heart-breaking posts all over social media
She makes it so obvious for others to believe that she is going through a tough time lately by sharing all the heart-breaking posts all over her social media profiles. Some girls just can’t keep it personal and go all the way socializing their breakup in front of the world. Doing this is only going to make people believe that she is a cry baby.
Dates a random guy to make him feel jealous

After a nasty breakup, few girls get onto the idea of dating some random guy just to take revenge from their ex. Even when she is still not over her ex and doesn’t feel a little for the new one, she wouldn’t hesitate sleeping with him with the thought that it may help her get over those crappy feelings.

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