Girls who are always seen glorifying their friendship with their best friend can’t really keep up with it for too long.  Even though they won’t show it, but after a point of time, they tend to develop bitterness for their own girl-friend to whom they claim to be their biggest support system. This is why; guys make the perfect best friends.
Here’s a list of 9 reasons that tell why guys are better friends than girls:
They won’t judge you.

Unlike girls, guys don’t have a habit of judging you for who you are or what you do. Even if they see you steal the most expensive silverware from that fashionable restaurant you visited with them, they won’t judge you. They would rather join in. They know all your weird habits and they would never make you feel bad about it. No matter how you dress up or what you wear, they are the last ones to roll their eyes at you.
They’re always honest with you.

If you are fat, they won’t lie to you. They’ll be honest with you and motivate you to work for it. Had it been a girl, she would have told you how perfect you look even in your flaws. Guys never do that. They don’t use sugar-coated words unnecessarily. Similarly, when they know that you have done something wrong to your boyfriend and you are still claiming to be the one who is right, they’ll correct you. They’ll be blunt about it even if it hurts you for a while. They don’t believe in taking sides and only tell what’s true.
They keep your secrets safe.

Girls just can’t keep a secret no matter how confidential it is. They’ll tell you that it’s safe with them but it really isn’t. Guys aren’t the same. They keep your secrets safe. You shouldn’t be worried as they don’t uselessly gossip and leak around your personal information to random people. They never feel the urge to reveal your secrets and can prove to be great gossip-keepers. And there are times when they probably forget your secrets the moment you tell them.
They are never jealous.

Guys won’t feel jealous if you’re doing well in life. They’ll only be happy about your achievements and success. They’re not even envious of that luxurious car that you own. Girls are more likely to feel jealous of their friends’ accomplishments. Even if she claims to be your best friend, she’ll always feel sad if you score more in your school test than her. She’ll pretend that she is happy for you, but on the inside, she is burning.
They are fun to be with.

There’s a lot more fun in life than bitching about that new girl in high school, talking endlessly about makeup products and going shopping every other day. If you have a guy best friend, you are sure to know how fun he is to be with. He will never fail to entertain you. He is your only video game partner and always joins in for one of your ghostly pranks. Even in a serious situation, he knows exactly how to make you laugh through tears.
They can lift your mood in no time.

Guys can instantly boost your mood. They know exactly what your problem is, even when you don’t tell them about it. So, if you meet your guy friend during one of those moods, right after a fiery fight with your boyfriend, he can already guess what is up with you without being told. And then he knows how to fix things the best. He’ll get you a dose of your favorite chocolates or take you out for shopping while you are up with those stupid mood swings. He pampers you like no one else does.
They are very supportive.

If you are planning to take a big step in life, and it is for your betterment, they’ll always support you. They would always stand by you in your tough times when you need them the most, unlike a fair-weather friend. They won’t even mind helping you teach your boyfriend a lesson if he did something wrong to you or made you cry for some reason.
They are less dramatic

You don’t have to go through that girly drama when you are with them. They don’t care too much and can never hold grudges against people for petty issues. They believe in forgetting things and forgiving people easily. Unlike girls, they don’t drag an issue just to prove their point right. Their life isn’t so mundane that they have to make irrelevant things seem exciting.
They don’t bitch about you

Guy friends can never be one of those friends who pretend to be sweet on your face and bitch about you at your back. They will never betray you by backbiting about you with someone. They would rather tell you about your flaws on your face than acting fake. When they call you their best friend, they really mean it. But when it comes to girls, they have a bad habit of backstabbing and talking behind the back of their own best friend.