There are times when you lack confidence and don’t feel good about yourself. But when it becomes a regular pattern, there are chances that you are dealing with low self-esteem issues. Low self-esteem can become a long-term problem for a person. It can have a harmful effect on your mental health to such an extent that it may lead problems like depression and anxiety.
If you too are suffering from low self-esteem issues, it’s better to work it out now. Identify your negative beliefs about yourself today. Here is a list of signs that you are suffering from low self-esteem issues:
You always worry about what people think of you

If you constantly keep thinking about what your new friend in college thinks about you, there are chances that you are a low-esteem person. Thoughts like “Does she even like my dressing style?”, “Will she hate me for not coming to the party?” keep haunting you every now and then. You pay more attention to what people think about you. It’s quite normal to try and impress people around you until and unless you have to put in extra efforts for the same. Every other person in this world would have a different judgment about you; you are not supposed to worry too much about what others think of you.
You have a habit of comparing yourself to others

People, who have low esteem, have a tendency to compare themselves with others too often. Be it academics, looks or way of living, you try to compare yourself with others in almost every aspect of your life. This shows that you are never satisfied with yourself. You always keep finding flaws in yourself. And this habit of comparing yourself with every third person you know is sickening. This will only harm your already fragile ego. Try to look for the good in you.
You feel awkward every time someone compliments you

Do you feel uncomfortable when someone compliments you? Are you bad at responding back every time someone appreciates you? There is a great chance that you are suffering from low-esteem issues. Most of the people with low-esteem can’t actually accept a compliment. They just don’t know how to react when they are complimented. In fact, they try to explain why the person dishing out the compliment is way better than them at anything and everything.
You take constructive criticism way too seriously

You go mad when someone tries to suggest you about something you need to improve upon. You take it way too personally. If your best friend tells you that the black dress that you bought for the prom night isn’t that good and suggests you to get that exchanged, you get really hurt. You assume that she is telling you that your dressing style is not good which is not true. She only tried to be honest with you. But you always take it the other way round. You get hurt easily. Even when someone is trying to give you a constructive criticism, you take it as a personal attack.
You always pretend to be fine, even when you’re not

Everyone deals with ups and downs in life and it is okay to not feel okay all the time in life. There are times when you just don’t feel good in life. But you still choose to throw a wide smile on your face. You always fake it that you are okay, even when the other person can very well see that you are not. You smile, but inside you are crying. But keeping your true feelings inside will only hurt you. Sometimes you can hurt yourself more than anyone can hurt you just by keeping all your feelings hidden.
You apologize for everything

You have a bad habit of apologizing for even the smallest of mistakes. We are all humans and we tend to make mistakes. No one is born perfect. Avoid feeling sorry all the time. Especially when you’re not even wrong and you still feel sorry for it. Stop apologizing for things that you shouldn’t feel sorry about. It’s stupid to say sorry for things that are clearly someone else’s fault. It is nice to be polite but don’t try to come off as annoying.
You have a tough time deciding even the smallest of things

You are bad at making decisions in your life. You always look upon others to help you out with the same. When you go out with your friends for a dinner, you let them decide your order for you. And there are times when you finally manage to make a decision but you always keep doubting yourself for one reason or the other. Learn to trust your intuition or gut feel. This way it will become easier for you to make solid decisions and not depend on others to make a decision for you.

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