Sex is considered to be the best medicine of happy relationship between you and your partner. Most women would like to lie on a bed after the action has ended.  After that, they start a thousand things in their minds like their latest experience, time and so many things. Do you know lying in bed for a long time after doing intercourse could be harmful to your health too? Aren’t you feeling the same? Whenever your body goes through sexual activity, there are some precautions and measures that must be followed strictly. Otherwise, your Goodnight may be turned into the worst nightmare- Urinary tract infection (UTI). This is the type of bacteria which ends up inside the vagina. You can also flush out these bacteria through Pee after intercourse.

Use Non-Smelly soap

Mostly many bacteria develop from the fingers mouth and rectum can improve the higher chance of developing bacterial infection or yeast so we should use non-fragrant soap around our body party after sex. The chance of developing yeast may be the increase in women if they significantly use sexual lubricants. Nobody would like to use that non-fragrant soap on their face! Take a washcloth, put some soap and water, and gently clean that area by moving your hand back and forth.
Take a bath

Don’t forget to take the warm bath with extra virgin oil is very helpful for reducing the risk of unhealthy infection. It is not only useful for keeping outer vagina from going dry but there is also the low chance of vaginal swelling which women usually have to experience after sex.

Take a sip of water

Sex is also a type of physical activity and a lot of energy waste during intercourse. As you know that your entire body can be dehydration by excess physical exercise. This is the main reason why your mouth starts dry after sex. Your body is also experiencing dehydration. So take one or two glass of drinking water to refuel your entire body system. Drinking water will help flush harmful bacteria out from your body through pee.
Eat Healthy food

It is very important to know what you eat after having sex. We usually like to take a blow of ice cream and chocolate chips cookies. But there are some People who prefer a glass of wine or beer. Here we would like to advise you to choose your snake a little wisely. Ferment food is considered the best food choice such yoghurt, Raw cheese, Pickles, Kefir and many more. This food can restock good bacteria so that you don’t get yeast infections.
Note the Discomforts of having the sex

Sometimes the delight of sexual pleasure turns into Painful or uncomfortable. You should also keep note of when it happens. There are many reasons why intercourse is getting painful. Dryness is one of them. In many cases, women enjoy the deep sensation that can be the result of a muscle spasm and constipation as the result your partner penetrating hard enough. You can also consult a doctor if you regularly feel pain or discomfort during sex.

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