There is a contestant in every season of the Bigg Boss who tops the list of the most hated contestant.In this season the contestant who is somehow facing the audience wrath and has bagged the position of most hated contestants is non-other than Hina Khan. Do you also feel same the same? In the past recent weeks, she has been trolled by the different celebrities for playing absurd tactical games in the house. She was also hated by the audience and her image of being a good actress seems to be spoiled now.

Apart from all her activities, it is also observed that she has a strange habit of bragging about the ‘price tags’ of the stuff she carried inside the house. Is it correct! We have brought some of the incidents of Hina Khan for you that clearly depicts that Hina Khan is obsessed with the price tag. Let’s have a look at all these instances one by one:
Instance 1: It was the 39th day in the house when Hina was sent to jail with Hiten Tejwani, she told him that there’s a restaurant in Mumbai which serves excellent food and will merely cost ’13-14K’ (Rs 13,000 to R 14,000) for 3-4 people.
No, we are not concluding Hina’s behaviour only on this. There’s also some more instances.
Instance 2: Hina Khan was seen requesting Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma to not spoil her face pack as she was afraid that someone else might repeat the same action and it is worth Rs 4,000.
You got it, we have also one more instance with us.
Instance 3: Hina was tearing apart the price tag of her fancy footwear and said that it was of Rs. 4,489. Post which, Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejawani were seen making fun of her.
While it is known to all that Hina has earned enough during her 8-year long time on TV but to boast about it in this way is not a good idea. It seems that she has forgotten that there are also some veteran actors in the house who earned more than her. However, her journey in the house has become more controversial and the list of her controversies are more than that of contestants list of the show. The actress has managed to grab the headlines after she made shocking statements about Sunny Leone, Salman Khan and Gauahar Khan’s social media followers; she also spoke about south Indian cinema actresses; made body-shaming comments on Shilpa Shinde; tagged Sakshi Tanwar as ‘squint-eyed’ and mentioned how Sanjida Sheikh doesn’t look beautiful on camera. Fans and celebrities have slammed Hina on Twitter and we hope God puts some sense into her and she comes out of her bubble.

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