Bigg Boss 11 is full of surprises. And this time the surprise that Bigg Boss has planned for the contestants will definitely take them down an emotional ride. As in the next luxury budget task, the housemates of the reality show will be paid a visit by their family members. And guess who has come to pay an emotional visit to Shilpa Shinde in the Bigg Boss house? It is none other than her dear mother.
According to the rules of the task, everytime Bigg Boss asks the contestants to freeze in their positions during the day, they’ll have to follow the instructions. And once Bigg Boss tells them to move and speak, they will be allowed to unfreeze and meet their family member.

When Shilpa’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house she not only drove Shilpa emotional but also left other contestants teary-eyed. Here’s what exactly happened:
In the recent promo published by Colors, Shilpa’s mother was seen entering the Bigg Boss house while she was sitting with Vikas around the Dinner table. Bigg Boss asked Shilpa and other contestants to freeze as her mother entered the house. She first walked towards Luv Tyagi, Priyank Sharma, and Puneesh Sharma to tell them that they are doing well in the game and should continue playing the same way to entertain their viewers. After telling this, she also adviced them to not make use of abusive language and indulge in any sort of fights.

Shilpa’s mother then walked towards Arshi and Akash to tell them how happy she is to know that they call Shilpa their “Maa”. But she also asks them to know the value of the word, “Maa” and treat her in a right way rather than cursing her all the time. This statement would hit the contestants so hard that all of them would be seen crying and sharing an emotional moment.
After talking to Arshi and Akash, Shilpa’s mother would move towards her and kiss her in the most affectionate manner while she is frozen. She will also tell her that she is playing the game very well and hug her tight.
And finally Bigg Boss would allow Shilpa and other contestants to move and they would be able to meet her properly. To get more clarity, check out the video here:

Well, this surely is quite emotional as it moved us to tears too.
Priyank’s girlfriend, Vikas’s mother and Puneesh’s father will also be seen entering the house in the next episode. It seems that this time the luxury budget task is going to be really tough for the contestants. What do you have to say about the same? Share your views in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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