Bigg Boss 11 has so far been the most dramatic season of all. It has seen some of the major fights of the season in the first week itself. Relations between the contestants of the house change every other day. The show which opened with good numbers is now witnessing friends becoming foes and vice-versa.  And the perfect example of this is Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani’s equation. The two were best friends until Puneesh showed his true colours and ditched Akash when he needed him the most in a captaincy task.

Ever since the last week, things are only getting worse between the two contestants. And it seems that the fire will stay until one of them evicted from the show.
Earlier this week, Puneesh and Akash broke into a fight in which Puneesh went on to call Akash a “Retard” and threw his breakfast. And that’s not all, he got so out of control that he even threw a slipper at him and threatened him that he would take the enmity outside the house too. After this heated argument, another brawl took place between Akash and Puneesh recently.
Here’s exactly what we are talking about:
In the last episode of the Bigg Boss 11, we saw that the contestants were asked to unanimously agree and nominate 3 individuals who were the worst performers of the latest luxury budget task. After a lot of discussions, the majority of contestants suggested that Arshi, Puneesh, and Bandgi should be sent to the “Kaal Kothari” this time. But this decision didn’t go well with Puneesh and Bandgi and they refused to be tagged as the worst performers of the task. Bandgi got so infuriated that she walked off from the discussion.

Puneesh, on the other hand, broke into a heated argument with Akash. During this argument, Akash went ahead to call Puneesh “Swami Om” of this season which enraged Puneesh and he then started shouting at Akash and called him an impotent.
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Later in the episode, when Arshi, Bandgi, and Puneesh were asked to go to the “Kaal Kothari”, the love-birds refused to do the same and went against the Bigg Boss rules. Puneesh even went ahead to break another rule by kicking a glass kept beside him and damaging the Bigg Boss house property.

Well, this behavior will certainly not be entertained for longer. And knowing that this week he is also into nominations, there are chances that he may get evicted this time. what do you think? Share your views in the comment section and keep watching this space for more updates.

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