Bigg Boss 11 has reached its 11th week and even the calmest contestants have started to lose their cool now. It was only recently when we saw contestant Hiten Tejwani lose his cool after Luv Tyagi had touched his personal belongings without his consent for a task that happened last week. Hiten, who is known to be the most chill person in the house and is often seen sorting things out, left the viewers in shock after showing them his angry side.

The popular television actor, who was earlier keeping mum, has now started to explode and be a part of mind games in the house. In a recent captaincy task, when Hiten tricked Hina by joining hands with Vikas and got her out of the captaincy task, she got too furious at him. She even went ahead to lash out at him and say that he blindly follows Vikas’s instructions and doesn’t have a mind of his own. She even mentions how her wife was right that he should be a leader and not a follower.
Most of the people who saw the last episode went on to mention that Hina had unnecessarily made an issue out of it and taken Gauri’s name when it was not even needed. But when a leading web portal went ahead to ask Gauri about it she rather defended Hina Khan and said, “I always ask Hiten to be a leader in life. It was not related to Bigg Boss 11 in particular. As far as Hina Khan is concerned, I do not know her as a person. I feel one should not comment on her seeing her behaviour inside the house. You get frustrated inside. Of course, you should know how to control yourself as it is national television. I guess some people cannot control their anger. Hina would not behave like that in other circumstances.”

When she was asked to speak on accusations of Hiten being too diplomatic in the house, she added, “He is exactly like this at home. I don’t want to change it at any cost. Moreover, he is a mature man and has been in the industry for years. He has a game plan.”
Well, it looks like Gauri understands that people tend to behave differently in different situations and that we shouldn’t make a particular impression about someone so easily. What do you have to say about the same? Share your views in the comment section and keep watching this space for more news related to Bigg Boss 11.

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