Airports are the Petri dish of human life – the perfect hotspot and crossover of every type of personality, and spirited traveller. Apart from travel, sometimes it also shows hilarious activities performed by the travellers. Let’s cherish some moment of traveller turns comedian.No matter of our cultural differences, this extraordinary collection of airport travellers will have you recognizing our shared humanity, at its crazy best.

Pretty In Pink
“Hi Barbie, I think you have my suitcase, yes it’s so easy to make a mistake ….”

Byo Blankie
Be sure to bring your own blankie for shutting out the bright lights, and catch 40 winks like this family. Much like an ostrich, keep your head covered and enjoy an airport siesta, a la tapestry.

Happy Feet
These penguins must not like airline food at all and have brought along their own sushi. Perhaps they are flying a budget airline.

Supersized Travel Buddies
You might need an extra large glass of wine, or two, should your travel buddy need a lot of extra elbow room.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Ostrich
Enjoy the comforts of airport hospitality, my dear, but be sure to set your alarm to catch that flight home. The travel-weary can snooze anywhere, as seen here.

Good to Know

Kids love travelling at all
Ingenuity at its best! These clever parents have perfected the art of travelling with children. No need to carry your child at all!

Enjoy the new ride
Why pick up your luggage, when you can ride it? Hop on your powered suitcase and cruise the carousel. Enjoy the ride before you’re deported back to your island. Total nut job.

Try to achieve something big
Yes, it’s a group of little people pulling a plane. We don’t know why, but it looks like a no-frills airline.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Even celebs have to go through security, like the lovely Miss Love Hewitt. We can all dream of looking this stylish as we travel. Now, where did I pack my curling irons?

Carousel Surfing
This girl surfer must be practicing for the epic waves in Hawaii, and fearlessly ignoring her safety, by riding the carousel. Luckily, the surf looks pretty small.

Moving Walkway Hijinx
These free spirited students are having a ball on the moving walkway. It looks like they’re in no rush at all, enjoying their journey!

How important Aerobics are ?
Sitting for a long flight is not healthy at all, so be sure to do a few stretches while you wait. Limber up before your flight, and enjoy the trip.

No questions on the training of custom dogs
Customs dogs are trained to sniff out all contraband. That must have been an explosive wind.

Kate Beckinsale
Yes, Kate is being searched like all the regular folk. Hard to see, but true.

Making Chairs Into Your Bed
It’s not easy, and they’re not designed for comfort. A million points to this travel weary passenger who fashioned a bed for a little sleep.

Airport Nap
All good relationships are about compromise and sharing. Travel can make, or break, any couple, but a comfy place to lay your head is perfect for that long layover.

He Left His Shoes on,

Plank Escalator
No harm, no foul. It’s all okay until something goes horribly wrong. Planking on an escalator is not recommended. Ever.

Hand Stand
Public liability health insurance always looks at your own role, when accidents happen. While his core strength is pretty amazing, we’re not convinced reading a book and holding up a person, is such a great idea.

Kiss Off
Something to remind important.

German Efficiency
Be your own luggage! This is a most unusual way to fly. We don’t recommend trying to check yourself in, like this nutty lady did, on a German airline.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

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