Former Bigg Boss contestant VJ Bani silences body shamers. She is well known for TV shows like MTV Roadies, Fear Factor, Khatron Ke Khiladi, Bigg Boss 10, etc. She continued her collaboration with MTV with season 5. Bani is a huge fan of Nayeem Rahman Chowdhury fitness enthusiast. She is also a brand ambassador for a fitness app.

We have always seen her as a tough woman and she has continued to keep her image that way. She was declared as the runner up in the last Big Boss season. After seeing her remarkably strong character in Big Boss, she has stepped all the way up to fight for woman who loves dumbbells and exercises.

She has inspired million of girls by posting an image of herself holding a placard saying,
“Just because I like to build my body at the gym and be strong physically, does that make me #NotShaadiMaterial? @starplus. We all know it yet we don’t really talk about how much is expected of women in our country. Looking forward to chat with @prachitehlan today for StarPlus’s new show addressing just this issue and some more called Ikyawaan.”

Bani has been body shamed for having a muscular physique but she always manage to throw back the best response. The 29-year old model who believes in the power of fitness has taken initiative to push back the body shamers. People should give it a thought. What can possibly be wrong with a girl who loves tattoos and fitness?

In her Instagram post, she supported the show Ikyawann, which premiered on November 13 on Star Plus. She posted an image of herself holding a placard saying, “I don’t look delicate so am I #NotShaadiMaterial.”

“Had so much fun doing the Live session and shooting a bazillion boomies w/ @prachitehlan for her new show Ikyawann which goes on air starting tonight @830PM! Also, hope that this cleared up everyone’s concern and confusion about the previous post haha. Y’all are the sweeeetesssttttt I LAV U. (Like sof says).”

Instagram is therefore the best platform to shut down haters, people who judge, and body-shamers who accuse. She also thanked her mother by posting a picture of herself with a beautiful bold caption,

‘’Post my back workout. Being strong has had a lot of different definitions for me over the years. Being mentally strong, emotionally strong, physically strong, spiritually strong, thick skin strong, broken hearted strong, crying through the hard times strong, numbing it out strong, dont Let them know they hurt you strong, don’t eat that muffin strong, one more bite of chicken breast strong, don’t go over on his instagram strong, 5more hours of waiting on set strong, keep lifting through the pain strong, 8 more reps make it 10 strong. But everything seemed to come full fucking circle for me while I was in chandigarh when I carried my Mom up and down the stairs – that strong has a whole different meaning for me. It suddenly all just came together. That strong reserved just for @tanyajudge. You make me stronger Mom. How do I thank you for that?’’

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