While some people completely have no clue about how they should console that one friend who has recently broken up, there are others who give it all and try their best but only end up making their friend feel even worse. This only happens when you don’t think before you say.

In such a situation, one should always be careful about the kind of words he or she is using in front of his or her friend. After all, you never know what would hurt them. So, it is better to not pass any sorts of undermining comments or give stupid advice to your friend who recently broke up with their bae.

If you still find it hard, just try to remember these 7 things that you should never say to your friend who is going through a breakup:

Telling them that everything happens for a reason

No, you just can’t say that. Not even in your dreams. This will only make them believe that there wasn’t really anything good in the relationship and that they were probably just wasting their time watering a dead plant.

Reminding them of their ex’s bad habits

Now when it is all over, you shouldn’t remind them about anything related to their ex. Also, insulting their ex or speaking ill about their ex in front of them is not going to work and has a possibility of making them feel worse instead. They will only blame themselves for not being good at judging people and getting blinded by someone who finally chose to leave them.

Reminding them about their single status

At this time when their wounds are fresh, it is important for you to be choosy with your words when you are around them. Don’t brag in front of them about how good it feels to be single. This would again remind them about the fact that they are no more in a relationship and that they too are now single.

Advising them to hook up with a stranger

This is the worst thing that you could do to your friend. It is only recently that they have broken up. How can you expect them to jump into another when they are already struggling with the memories of their previous relationship? Instead, you should be the one who encourages them to keep out of this relationship mess.

Giving them hopes that their ex may come back

When you are not sure about whether their ex will come back or not, don’t say anything about it. Don’t give your friend false hopes. This will only make it difficult for them to move on in life. So, it is better if you don’t make them assume things that are not even certain.

Telling them that their ex has already moved on to someone else

Hinting them that the one on whom they are wasting their tears has already moved on with someone else will only make them go mad. They will not be able to accept it and will definitely curse themselves for not being good enough.

Telling them that you knew that they won’t survive for long

Even if you already knew that their relationship with their partner is not going to last for too long, don’t tell them about it. This can even backfire on you and things might get complicated between you and your friend. Don’t ruin your equation with your friend over a third person.

Compare their breakup with yours

When you are trying to be there for your friend, don’t drag yourself into the matter. For a moment, avoid comparing their breakup with yours. Even if you have experienced a breakup earlier, you will not be able to feel what they are feeling. After all, they are in this situation and not you.

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