You may be the one who is extremely in love with her breasts and would do anything to pamper them. But even after being extra careful and particular about it, you still do a lot of things to your breasts that are just not right. Can you guess any of it?
Well, even if you can’t, we’re here to do that for you. Here’s a list of seven things you should never ever do to your breasts:
Applying duct Tape on them

There is no doubt that applying a duct tape on your breasts can easily help you in preventing any sort of wardrobe malfunction. But have you ever thought how harmful it can turn out to be for you? Applying a duct tape or an adhesive tape on your breasts or nipples is not something that you should do. It can cause your breast skin to be itchy and you’ll only end up scratching it all night until your skin turns red.
Jogging without the right support

When you go out for jogging or plan to run on the treadmill in the gym, make sure that your breasts are given the right support at that time. Especially when you have a heavy bust. According to a study, when you run, your breasts have the capability to bounce up to a whopping eight inches, a movement that can be painful and awkward for you. Also, if you’ll continue to run without the right support, you will probably damage the connective tissues in your breasts. To avoid any such damage, make sure that you are wearing a good quality sports bra. If this too doesn’t work, you can also wear two for more support.
Using wax on nipple hair

Waxing your nipple hair is not as easy as waxing your arm hair. While it may seem to give a long-term result but it can be a lot more painful than what you believe. The skin on your breasts is very sensitive in comparison to the skin on other parts of your body. Applying hot wax to it and then pulling the nipple hair with wax can result in making your nipple skin red and can even lead to skin burns, allergies or in-growth. This is why it is better to use tweezers or scissors in order to get rid of them or cut them short. They are very harmless and can solve your problem in no time.
Not moisturizing them

We never forget to moisturize our face or our hands, then how can we forget to moisturize our breasts? They are as important as face and hands are. Also, there are many parts of our body that have oil glands but our breasts do not. So, we should make it a point that we avoid keeping them dry and rather hydrate and moisturize them from time to time. If we will fail to do so, our breasts will sag and even become itchy and flaky at times.
Piercing on nipples

Getting your nipples pierced can severely damage them.  It can not only turn out to be an extremely painful experience but also lead to some skin infection near your nipple area. Piercing on nipples can also result in nerve damage, bleeding, nipple cysts and various other allergic reactions. So, think before you go on to take such a step.
Donning the wrong sized bra

This one is the most important of all as most of the women just don’t care to wear the right size of bra. If you wear a tight bra, it will only suffocate your breasts and damage them, so try to opt for a bigger size instead. If you wear a loose bra, it will only make your breasts sag, so it is better to opt for a smaller size instead. If you still fail to understand which size is the best for you, it is better for you to take expert advice and guidance of a bra salesperson and get the right size for yourself. Once you are aware of the same, replace all of your old bras with the newer ones to get the right support.
Love bites

While getting a love bite from your loved one might make you feel special for a moment but this too has some adverse effects associated with it.  Love bites seem innocent but they are harmful in reality. They can cause strokes and can even leave a permanent scar on your skin. Make sure your partner doesn’t go too harsh on you while making out.

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