After a long tiring day at work, when you get back home, all you wish to do is jump straight into your bed without removing the clothes and fall asleep. While it may seem like a good idea to many of us, but it certainly isn’t.
Sleeping in uncomfortable clothes and especially those tight-fitted bras will only end up giving you a number of health problems. Now, most of you might be thinking that what you should wear while sleeping if not a bra. And the answer to this is- Don’t wear any!
Yes, you heard that right!

Tossing your bra away before sleeping is not only a healthy practice but can also make you feel super comfortable at night.
Still not convinced?
Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should go bra-less before going to bed.
Scroll down and take a quick read to know why it is important:
To improve Blood Circulation
When you sleep with your bra on, especially an underwire one, the blood circulation to your breasts and even arms can suffer. The straps and the side panels, that your bra has, restrict proper blood circulation to not just your breasts but your arms too. And as a result, this improper and low blood circulation affects your nerves and muscles, further making them weak. Donning a tight-fitted bra while sleeping can also hurt your breast tissue. So, before this happens to you too, it is better to change this habit and do something that is right for you and your body.
To prevent your skin from hyperpigmentation

You won’t believe this but it is true that wearing a bra every time you go to bed can cause hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is excessive darkening of the skin caused due to increased levels of melanin. When we wear a bra, the hooks and straps in it constantly rub against our body. This constant digging and rubbing on a specific spot on your skin can leave a permanent dark spot or can even lead to discoloration of your skin. And the best way to prevent your skin from this damage is to unhook your bra before sleeping.
To not affect the physiology of your breasts
Wearing a snug fit bra to bed can also cause some serious damage to your lymphatic system. Lymph is a clear fluid in our body that circulates through our tissues to cleanse them and then drains away through our lymphatic system. Wearing a tight-fitted bra can affect proper blood flow and Lymphatic drainage, which can further lead to chronic inflammation and fluid retention. This lymphatic drainage can also leave a negative impact on your liver, kidney and other body parts.
To avoid fungal infection

Wearing the same bra for days or wearing a constrictive bra can provide a perfectly moist and warm environment for fungi to grow in. It may be hard to believe but women who wear ill-fitted bras while hitting the bed are more likely to develop breast fungus than those who opt out of wearing any while sleeping.

To get better sleep and comfort
Even if that brand new bra that you bought recently is of the highest quality, it still won’t make you feel comfortable while sleeping. The bra straps will dig into your skin if your bra is too tight and they will fall off your body and further restrict free movement while sleeping if your bra is too loose. In short, no matter what kind of bra you wear to bed, you simply won’t feel comfortable while sleeping with it.

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