Cheating is not something that every guy does in a relationship but a majority of them do. While there may be some guys who are honest and believe in keeping their promises, but there are definitely others who are so not truthful and cheat their girlfriends. And that’s not all, even if you catch them cheating, they either won’t admit to it or refrain from telling you the actual reason

So, if you are one of those girls who got cheated by her guy recently, without him telling you the actual reason behind it, here’s what you need to read.

Scroll down and take a look at this list of 5 real reasons why Boyfriends cheat on their girls:

They are afraid of commitments

The most common reason why most of the guys cheat on their girls is that they find it hard to commit to them. They feel that if they’ll commit to someone, they’ll no more be free and will be forced to do certain things that they don’t wish to. Also, the sole idea of sticking to one girl for a longer period of time dreads the hell out of them as they want variety in life.

They get bored after a point of time easily

This might be hard for you to believe but it is true that at times guys cheat on their girlfriends because they get bored. While there may be many boyfriends who can keep a relationship strong for years, but there are others who completely suck at it. They just can’t deal with a girl for more than two to three months. Initially, they might seem to be too interested in you but gradually with time, they start getting bored and find reasons to avoid you. If you too have observed that your guy is no more excited to meet you and only ends up giving you stupid excuses every other time you ask him to meet, there is a great chance that he has moved on from you.

They are not sexually satisfied

One thing that you should keep in mind is that guys always want you to initiate in sex.  They expect you to be good in bed and surprise them with different moves and postures every other time. But if you think you fail to do any of this for your guy, then there could be no greater reason than this for him to cheat on you. If you won’t fulfill his sexual desires, he’ll probably get them fulfilled by someone else by sneaking out.

They are confused

At times guys end up being in a relationship without giving it much of thought. In the initial stage of the relationship, they find it easy but with time they realise that it was the biggest mistake of their life and that it is just not meant for them. And as a result, they end up cheating on you over someone else. This is why it is advised to get into a relationship with some experienced and mature guy.

They feel that they are taken for granted

There’s no guy who can see his girl giving more attention to others and not to him. So, if you are doing it this way, there are chances that your guy feels that you are taking him for granted. When you expect your guy to give you priority, then you should make sure that you treat him in the same manner. If you won’t do it, why would he? Just like you can get attention from others, he too can get it easily. So, if you don’t want your guy to end up cheating on you, start taking him and your relationship more seriously.


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