In our society, everyone seems to be very cautious about the purity of a woman. When it comes to the purity of a woman her virginity plays an important role in describing her purity. A concept that was introduced and mass manufactured to the world so that women learn to rein in their sexuality. The concept of the hymen is fitted in people’s mind in such a way that many thinks no hymen means no virginity. Now, this is possible for women to get back their virginity who have lost it by hymen reconstructing surgeries

Here are some important things and points that every woman should have known about their hymen.

Really, no hymen breaks at the time of your first sex.

It is somehow a popular belief that hymen is always broken at the time of having first sex. But, it is not true in all the case and if it’s break, it doesn’t mean that your virginity is lost.

Some regular activities can also tear your hymen.

Strange to hear but true. While performing the strong physical activities like cycling, horse riding, long jump, and some stretch exercise your hymen can be affected and be the tear.

Something hard to believe, all women are not born with it.

It’s for sure that most women are born with a hymen but, there are also some women who are not born with it and they completely enjoy a normal life without facing any trouble.

The hymen doesn’t function as the gatekeeper of your vagina.

One of the unique lie in trend is that hymen is something that stands between the penis getting into your vagina. But, this lie was surely created to keep the women away from the sex.

All are not of the same sizes.

Absolutely right, the size and shapes of hymen can’t be same at all. It is also of the different sizes like the vagina. Some hymens cover half the vagina, some cover the entire vagina and some are non-existent.

Hymen also has an elasticity like your vagina.

At the time of sex, when a penis enters first time in a vagina the hymen stretches along with the vagina. Hence, it means that it instead of tearing, like many people believe, it just stretches to accommodate the penis.

If you scared thinking ‘tearing’ of it during your first sex, you can do it beforehand by masturbation.

It is correct to think about blood effusion at the time of having first sex when a penis enters into your vagina. But, if you are scared of it than all you need to do is just start the masturbating fingers or dildo. This readies the hymen for penetration.

It is known by fewer that it can stretch back to its original position after a while.

The hymen retain back to original shape and size by the lack of inactivity.

After tearing, it does not necessarily go away.

Hymen remains with you the entire life. After tearing it stretches and finds a place somewhere in the general vaginal area, and stays there for a very long time.

It’s not easy to find a hymen.

It’s hard to point out your hymen, However, everybody is different and the size of your hymen is different as well.

Well, it’s difficult to find out the hymen but, not difficult to find out the lie behind hymen circulating in the society.

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