It is true that upcoming Gujarat Assembly election will play an important role in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Its result will play a significant role in the campaign of election for the parties in 2019. Well, let’s discuss the Gujarat Assembly election as the Parliamentary elections are far from here. The date of the election of Gujarat is scheduled on 9 and 14 December. The election will surely heat the temperature of Gujarat at the time of winter. The election is important for both the major parties of the country BJP and the Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi both are heading their consecutive parties for the election. For BJP its very important to win the election and maintain Gujarat Vikas Model and for the Congress, it is like an opening of a door for other states assembly election and 2019 Parliamentary election too.

The BJP had already tried to attract the voters of Gujarat by announcing its numerous infrastructure projects and the Congress had tried to forecast the failures or the ruling party over the GST and the demonetisation. The Gujarat election is considered even more important than Uttar Pradesh for Modi and a defeat will be embarrassing for the BJP. The outcome will be decided on a number of issues in the state. This time it’s not easy for BJP to win the election as Congress is fighting very hard to counter the saffron party.

Currently, Gujarat was suffering from two major sensitive issues the protests for reservation for Patels in jobs and educational institutions, and the angry response against the flogging of Dalits. These issues set very bad impact for the BJP in the state as leaders have to face off the anger of people in many different areas of the state. Discussing the Dalit uprising issue we can say that Gujarat witnessed one of the biggest Dalit uprisings that ever took place in the state last year after four Dalit youths were beaten up in Una for allegedly skinning a dead cow.

Alike Patidar protest and Dalit uprising, GST and Demonetisation are some of the major issues for the state in this election. We have to wait till 18 December for the result to witness the whole state scenario that the people support to which party.


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