This year is filled with good news from the industry people. Many Bollywood stars have become happy parents and others are about to welcome their babies into the world. The ones who have become parents are enjoying their time with their babies while those expecting their babies are filled with excitement. The one couple of Rab Se Sona Ishq actress Malini Kapoor and Ajay Sharma married in 2014 in a secret ceremony and are expecting their first child towards the end of this year.

Currently, Malini is in her third trimester. Recently, she talked about her pregnancy in an interview. She said:

“As November is getting closer, my heart is beating faster. It’s a mixed feeling. I am scared and excited at the same time. Each morning is different. Sometimes I feel scared because of the pain I may have to go through during delivery, and excited because soon I will have my baby in my arms.”

When asked about taking responsibilities of the child, she said:

“I have always been the little one and the pampered one in my house. My sister (Shalini Kapoor) is the one who especially pampers me. I am sure the attention will definitely shift from me to my little one, but that’s going to be beautiful. As far as responsibility is concerned, I am absolutely ready. I am carefree, but not careless.”

When asked if she would continue to work post-pregnancy or take a break, she said:

“I got the big news when ‘Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan’ was ending so, the timing was perfect. After my baby arrives, I am not going to work for at least a year through advertisements and other not so regular things are always welcome.”

We wish Malini Kapoor and Ajay Sharma all the very best for this new phase of their lives.

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