38 years old Jagmeet Singh becomes the chief leader of Canada’s New Domocratic Party, one of the major opposition parties in the parliament of the country. He is now the first non-white leader of a main political party in Canada.
By profession, Jagmeet Singh is a practicing criminal lawyer and is elected to head the party in the 2019 election against present Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party Liberals. Jagmeet Singh won party election over three other contenders in the party by receiving 54% votes.
After the result of the election, he himself launched a campaign to become the next Prime Minister of Canada in 2019.
Jagmeet Singh is very fond of colourful turbans and he is now with a very tough task to reconstruct the party in at least 59 constituencies where the party had lost the election in 2015. The New Democratic Party is the third largest party in the Canada’s Parliament with 44 out 338 seats.
On the election to the top post in the party, Jasmeet Singh said his focus would be climate change, reconciliation with indigenous citizens and electoral reforms.
Born in Ontario’s Scarborough in 1979, Mr Singh was born to immigrant parents from Punjab and grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and Windsor in Ontario.

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