Nowadays, everyone is concerned with a new trend. It is not important that age bar is compulsory for any trend people with different age groups depends upon the trends. We all are familiar with renting cars, bikes, and a person as a care-taker for little babies and old people. But, the renting system will not confine its service to just cars, bikes or care-takers.
Have you ever heard about hiring a boyfriend or girlfriend on Rent? Yes, this could sound bizarre but, its absolutely true. The renting system is moving ahead with a new service to attract a large number of people. It is now going to provide a new service that will allow people to hire boyfriend or girlfriend as per their choice.

According to a US-based internet company, they have come up with this trending idea to provide their services in India. According to the company renting a boyfriend or girlfriend will be @ 6.50 dollar per hour. Well, this seems to be a costly affair, too.
What more! The service will provide an innovative platform for meeting new people. This will also provide a full fledged freedom to the customer as after renting your dear ones you can go to any of your favourite places like the movie, coffee shop and various other places that commonly attract to both the partners.The website has already started to attract their customers as its currently having about 2000 members and it’s trying to extend their services.

A large group of people thinks this idea is useless because people in India is deeply concerned with the relationship and that concept is missing in it while many think it beneficial in increasing comfort level of some people. If we will talk about the people of India, there are a large number of male or female in the country who didn’t believe in the relationship this idea can be beneficial for him.
Well, talking about the idea it can’t be said that how much its beneficial in India but, it is sure that people will definitely enjoy this new bizarre idea.

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