Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu were recently Blessed with a baby girl on Maha Navami and they seem to enjoying their parenthood to the very core. Soha recently celebrated her birthday with her new born daughter and it was indeed one of the most special birthdays of the actress. We just can’t wait to get a glimpse of this little munchkin along with her big brother Taimur.

Kunal Kemmu has recently given an interview and spoken at length about his little bundle of joy Inayaa. Here are some excerpts from the same.

On who named her.

It was me who named her. Both me and Soha had our list of baby names and we decided to go ahead with Inaya Naumi Kemmu. We named here Inaya Naumi as she was born on ‘Naumi’.

Aww! He also said he thought she looked like an alien when he first met her. Haha.

She is just 11 days old and is sleeping for the most part of the day. She is a good kid and is very quiet. She does not cry at all. Touchwood. Her eyes are shut all the time, but she looks damn adorable when she opens her eyes. At first, I thought she looked like an alien, but then that’s how most of the babies look.

On whether Taimur and her have met yet.

Her cousin Taimur had been over to meet her, but he didn’t give any particular reaction and we didn’t expect either as he is a baby too. He either laughs or cries after meeting people, but he enjoys whenever I pick him up and play with him.

I can’t imagine how adorbs that first meeting must’ve been! He also spoke about Soha’s new experience.

I love it how Soha is managing being a mother all by herself. There are sleepless nights, but she does not complain even a bit. As a father, I make sure that I wind up my work and reach home on time.


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