Fridtjof Nansen was a Nobel Peace Prize winning personality who lived his life with multiple colours personality. He was scientist, adventurer, trekker, zoologist, humanitarian, diplomat and a champion skier as well. He did ski fifty miles a day sometimes.
This Noble laureate was one of the most interesting personalities in the era he lived. Born on 10th October 1861 in Norway, he studied polar ice caps, enjoyed oceanography, repatriated prisoners of war and rescued large number of refugees in war infested time World War I.
Today, he is being featured as the Google Doodle for his great contributions on grounds of sportsmanship and great humanity.
During the World Wars, Mr Nansen deeply involved with humanitarian aids. He helped to repatriate prisoners of war from World War I, did works in famine relief in Russia. He himself served in relief works in many countries, including, Russia, Armenia, Assyria, Turkey and many more countries.
His great efforts put for the survivors of the Armenian genocide were a superb contribution by Nansen. His contribution for refugees was great also as till 1942, more than 4 lakh refugees were repatriated and was helped by Mr Nansen.
His great efforts for refugees conferred him with Noble Prize for Peace in 1922.

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