A video of Defence Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman having a happy-time chat with Chinese soldiers goes viral on social media. The Minister is seen to giving a brief teaching lesson to PLA (People’s Liberation Army), the official name of Chinese Army on how to say Namaste.

The newly appointed Defence Minister was on her the very first visit to the Nathu La border areas falling in Sikkim state. The place of the Minister’s visit was only 30 km far from Doklam plateau, the standoff area where the Indian and Chinese soldiers faced off for more than 2 months recently.
The Defence Minister’s short interaction with Chinese soldiers was posted on her official Twitter account where she is greeting Chinese soldiers with a Namaste.
In the video, Ms. Sitaraman is seen how to do Namaste and asked the soldiers what they say it in their own language. The response was “Ni hao” in Chinese for Namaste in India.
The soldiers and army officers from both sides went into light laughter on some and other exchanges, which filled the environment with light-heartedness and an easy environment between two opponent countries.
Once, when Ms. Sitaraman asked the Chinese commander to practice Namaste, Indian army personnel started explaining it. But, the Minister said the Chinese soldier would to do it instead of being explained by India side.

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