A 43 years old woman got operated upon the brain while watching Baahubali 2 movie in a hospital in Guntur. A team of neurosurgeons performed a successful surgery in a hospital in the city.
The patient watched the mega-hit movie when all the procedure of surgery performed that went on for 90 minutes.
Hanuman Srinivas form Department of Neurology said that the doctors played the movie on the laptop placed along the operation table while doing “awake craniotomy surgery”. In this special operation, patient needs to be awake as the tumour is located in the brain that controls speech and body movements. Later, the surgeons have to take various ways to take out the tumour. Simultaneously, doctors have to keep tab on the patient’s condition throughout the surgery and post surgery periods.
At the GG Hospital, the patient was diagnosed with a tumour at the left sensory cortex that had put an effect on her right hand, tongue and lips.
In such cases, doctors generally play music to keep patients engaged, thus awaken. In this particular case, the patient, a nurse herself preferred to watch Baahubali 2, her favourite movie.
The surgery was done at Tulasi Super Speciality Hospital on a special machine, called Intra Operative Neuro Navigation.

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