A rich Jain couple from Madhya Pradesh accepts monkhood after leaving all property worth an estimate of Rs 100 crore. They have a daughter also and the baby daughter is left under the care of her grandparents, as per the reports. They decided to renounce all these in order to find salvation in life.
The four year old married couple, Sumit Rathore and Anamika decided to accept monkhood instead of doing and progressing in their business in Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh.
Sumit is aged only 35 years and his wife Anamika is 34 years old and their daughter is still a toddler. The accepted Shwetambar order, means white-clad robes in Surat in a special ceremony organized in the city.
They have submitted an affidavit to the authorities and announced about the custodian of 3 years old daughter, Ibhaya under her grandparents.
They have been grated deeksha by their guru as the final ritual to enter the monk life.

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