rWhile Bollywood and other film ventures in India are attempting their best to enhance silver screen with tests, Bhojpuri film stays unaltered as they keep on making silver screen which is only unexpected drama. But a couple of movie producers, every one of them are working in the business only for it. It is best to state that they convey the imagination in their pockets and have neglected to utilize it.

1.When they make a women oriented love story 

Movie Name: Ae Raja Line Par Aaja

2. A jeans seems to have caused a lot of trouble here

Movie Name: Jeans waali bauji

3.Enough of alchohol, He wants a wife now

Movie Name: Humke Daaru Nahi Mehraru Chahi

4. When Banana gets naughty in Bihar

Movie Name: Harami Kela

5. All this for time pass?

Movie Name: Mehraru bina ratiya kaise kati

6. Now we know, where did it come from

Movie Name: Ek Bihari 100 pe bhaari

7. Someone send him for surgical strike, bro

Movie Name: Ghus ke maarb

8. Give that “Devaraa” a medal!


Movie Name: Devra bada satawela

9. If Bollywood has Chennai Express, Bihar has Chapra Express

Movie Name: Chapra Express

10. Now don’t ask her password.

Movie Name: Humra Lehnga Ke Andar Wifi

11. Because Rickshawwalas are super hot and can beat the hell out of you with cycle chain

Movie Name: Rickshawala I love you

12. What an inspiration for name

Movie Name: Gobar Singh

13. Too much of obsession with Bhaujai

Movie Name: Ajab devra ki gajab bhauji

14. Because character certificate is important

Movie Name: Kaisan piywa ke charitar ba

15. It’s not just wife which teases him

Movie Name: Saali badi sataweli

16. How come?

Movie Name: Lehnga mein baadh aail ba

17. Drink Pepsi, Be Sexy. As simple as that

Movie Name: Pepsi peeke lagelu se*y

18. A Bhojpuri remake of Singham?

Movie Name: Daroga babu I love you

What do you think about all the above posters?

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