The daughter of Sunny Leone, Nisha Kaur Weber has been in the limelight ever since she was adopted by the Bollywood actress. However, she has now stirred a lot of controversies recently. The Star Child Protection Committee (SCPC) has taken offence over a picture of Nisha and has accused Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) for violating Juvenile Justice Act. CARA has been held guilty of making derogatory remarks on the 21 months old Nisha Kaur Weber’s skin colour and appearance. CARA has been found to have uploaded a picture of Nisha with an offensive remark on 4 August.
A former member of State Child Protection Committee has raised the issue and has sought an inquiry report from Central Women and Child Development Secretary. Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber had applied for adoption in 2016 and they brought the child home in July this year.
Talking about the decision to adopt, Sunny had said, “I don’t know about everybody else, but for us, it didn’t matter even for a second whether it was our child or she not being our biological child. For us, it was about starting a family and I might not [have a biological child] because of our schedules and so many other things but we both thought, ‘why don’t we just adopt’?”
She had added, “We have read up and consulted our friends about how to cope with her at this stage, and we have accepted that it’s going to take her some time to adjust in this new environment”
Weeks later when Sunny was questioned about how she felt about motherhood, she said, “It is the best feeling in the entire world. Daniel and I are hands-on parents. I love the idea of being there when she wakes up, and be the last person she sees before she goes to sleep at night.”
Now that Nisha’s picture has stirred a controversy we wonder what Sunny has to say about it.

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