Women safety has become one of the biggest causes of concern in today’s life. Rape cases have increased among adult woman and the men are not even leaving the younger girls aside. They can be seen hunting down younger females and paedophiles have become a blotch on the society. An incident in England has thrown light on the evil act of pedophilic men hunting down smaller girls. However, fortunately enough, the man was caught and made to realize his shameful act before things would have gone out of hand.

24-year-old Praju Prasad of North Shields was chatting with a schoolgirl on social media for a long time, not realising that he was actually serving himself to the vigilante group, Guardian of the North, and that too on a silver platter.

Just when he thought he’s gonna put his filthy hands on a 12 YO girl, Prasad was confronted by the group at North Shields Metro Station. The proceedings were recorded on the camera and in the clip that has caught the attention, the pervert is seen begging for the mercy as he breaks down onto his knees. But thankfully, cops don’t charge Rs 500 from offenders to suspend such cases.
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Prasad has been handed a nine-month suspended sentence. He has also handed a £140 fine and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for five years.

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