Almost a month long diplomatic negotiations between India and China bears sweet fruit as both the countries reached a conclusion to disengage from the standoff location in Doklam. India has withdrawn its troops yesterday by the evening while China promised to make necessary changes to its troop’s deployment.
As per Ministry of External Affairs of India, the military withdrawal process has almost completed and verified also. It confirmed the status quo maintained before June 16 on the Doklam plateau of Tibet.
The agreement and withdrawal of troops come a week before BRICS summit, scheduled from September 3 – 5 in China and PM Narendra Modi is to attend the summit and meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 4.
According to the government sources, India agreed to withdraw its army first as a goodwill gesture as it gives China a face saver image in the backdrop of its angry outbursts in recent past over Doklam issue. India agreed to move first while China concluded to level India half-way as per the agreement.  China has not confirmed of its troops withdrawal in totality till now.
The Congress and other prominent political parties of India welcome the end of standoff between the two neighbours over Doklam, which was persisting and hot blows repeatedly exchanged from both the side since 16 June of this year.
India had genuinely expressed its concern over Chinese road and other infrastructures development on the Doklam plateau as its location is vital for India’s strategic position within its own boundary at the Chicken’s neck, the narrow passage of north eastern states of India form rest of India near Sikkim.

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