Today, China warned India to remove its military presence immediately from Dokalam area as Chinese restraint is having a “bottom line”. The standoff is still continued in this disputed territory, along the border of Sikkim and very close to India’s “chicken’s neck”, the narrow area connecting north-east states to rest of India.
Chinese Defence Ministry’s statement says that goodwill has its principles and restraint has its “bottom line”.
This statement came after India’s soft stand over the issue as the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday told during Parliament session that talks, not any war should be the solution of a dispute between two neighbouring countries.
The latest strong statement from China puts the onus of resolving the dispute in Dokalam to an uncertain level and makes India uncomfortable.
China also rejects India’s resolving views over the dispute and said to remover its troops immediately. China further claims it is India’s good interest to withdraw its troops.

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