Couples have always found complaining about monotony in their sex lives after one or more years of being together. Trying out different sex positions surely helps in enhancing sex life. Here are four of the most energetic, athletic and enjoyable positions for deeper penetration.

1- To  do this extremely pleasurable sex position, the man must be sitting on the edge of a bed or a chair. Once, he is comfortable seated, the woman has to sit on his lap facing him and with her legs on either side of his body. Then, after inserting his penis into her vagina, the woman can take control of the situation and experience deep penetration.
2- It is the variation of the missionary position, but considered more advanced. Instead of the woman’s legs on the bed, the position sees the woman’s leg on her partner’s shoulders.The position allows deeper penetration and allows the penis to hit the G-spot.

3- This is one of the best sex positions for female satisfaction. Get her to rest on her back with her hips and legs slightly raised while you get on top, placing your legs flat on the bed and holding yourself up in your arms.Penetrate slowly before with slow circular motions that follow a figure of eight patterns.
4- A slightly more advanced position, a woman should rest on the bed and arch her back to lift her whole body up and rest on her shoulders and toes.This allows for deeper penetration, kneeling between her open legs and supporting her hips with your hands.

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