He is in the news for all the wrong reasons as the performing artist was spotted getting into a road battle the previous evening and the reason is peaceful ridiculous. Sushant Singh Rajput was leaving the Film City in Goregaon, another auto overwhelmed his auto and endeavored to instantly take a U-turn. This did not run down well with Sushant as he lashed out at the driver.

The driver didn’t trifle with it and began reviling Sushant Singh Rajput and them two wound up having a verbal spat. Inside a couple of moments, many individuals assembled around the pair and were viewing the road fight and the pictures demonstrate that Sushant was shooting the entire scene on his cell phone.

Street Fight

Sushant Singh Rajput got into a street fight with another driver for overtaking his car.

Hurling Abuses

The duo hurled abuses at each other and a big crowd gathered around them.


Sushant recorded the whole episode on his mobile phone.


The incident occurred when Sushant was driving back home from Film City, Goregaon

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