What He Thinks About Your Nipples!

People say nipples are the eyes to boobs, well that’s rightly said! Nipples are communicative, they react to touch, temperature and dirty talk. They are gatekeepers to sex. Let’s see what guys really think about nipples.



Guys always find nipples mysterious. The norms for acceptable clothing is women can expose all part of boobs but not nipples. Why that’s kept hidden, yes really why? Guys take it as a mystery.

Suck Hard

There is no person in the world who is attracted to boobs doesn’t like sucking the nipples. It is something every guy in world want to.

Attention Seeker

When temperature goes down or rises nipples are the one who wants to get noticed through the layers of fabric. That’s something very tempting, isn’t it?

A Cherry On Top

Guys find nipples as cherry on top of the boobs. For sure without nipples, boobs would have been another weird flesh-organ in body.


They produce milk. Yes that’s the only thing produced by human body that people want to drink!