Several theories exist about moles. Some people say they bring along misfortune whereas some believe they bring along good luck. Each mole is believed to carry a hidden message about our life. According to an ancient study, moles on these following areas signify wealth and prosperity.
Above lips: Those who have a mole just above their lips are sheerly blessed. They known to enjoy money and success much before their peers. They are a bit stubborn in nature; and thus their journey to success is fast.
above lips
Nose: People with a mole on nose or along the sides of nose (before cheeks blend in), they are surely to get rich. But success and money happens to them in 30’s or after marriage.
Right Cheek: A sharp yet darker mole on the right cheek signifies riches after marriage.
Third Eye Area: The third eye area is the space between your two eyes and eyebrows. If a mole is located on that point, then you are bound to be wealthy and have a well-settled life. You will always have more than enough money in your life.
third eye
Waist: Having a mole on either side of the waist is both lucky and unlucky. It does bring along lots of wealth and prosperity but it also signifies that you will be unhappy with most of the part of your life.
Sole: If you have a mole on sole of your feet, you are sure shot going to travel a lot. It might be international or domestic or both. But travel will be a major part of your life. However, you might not compulsorily settle in abroad.
Right Palm: People those who are blessed with a mole on their right palm attain success and wealth in their lives. However, the time to achieve varies with the location of the mole. If the mole is in the upper half, then the success will kiss their feet in the early years of age. Whereas if it is on the lower half, it may take a little more time to be successful and wealthy.
Chest: Having a mole on the right side indicates that a person will peacefully enjoy his life and will be blessed with lots of wealth.
Chin: With a mole on chin, people are lucky in terms of wealth. But when it comes to socialism, they prefer to spend time alone.

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