A Maharashtra based startup is following the footsteps of many countries like Japan and Indonesia by adding an applaud-worthy clause to their company policy. The clause states that every woman employee is entitled to monthly leave on the first day of their period and it’s paid. Culture machine in Mumbai surprised their female employees with this commendable move and posted the video online, where female employees were asked about their periods and then told about this new addition to the company policy.
Devleena S Majumdar, President – Human Resources with Culture Machine, says, “We have our YouTube channel called Blush that tackles themes related to women issues and aims at empowering women. So, it’s only right that we provide the women who work with us with a supportive work environment and considerate policies.”

Another digital marketing company, Gozoop does not only give paid leaves to their female employees during their periods but, also believe in supporting their employees in their educational needs. They share the educational expenses as well as give up to 1 month of paid leave to their employees to brush up their skills and learn more about their expertise.
These companies aim to endorse the menstrual leave throughout India. The productivity of the company depends on the presence of mind of their employees. The period pain, cramps, nausea and headaches make it hard for women to concentrate on the work. The journey from their homes to the office and then being slumped in a chair throughout the day is not easy while tackling the period pain. The leave will help not only the women employees but the organization too, in order to increase the productivity. It’s surely a win-win for both the parties. Hopefully, this beginning will pave a way for other organizations to learn and implement the same policies.

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