Sometimes, a special incident becomes news worthy as well as special for some ones. On last Thursday, in Kolkata, a policeman who stopped a drunken woman from rash driving was showered with kisses and hugs.
The tipsy woman was aged between 30 to 40 years of age and was driving her car after a party on the roads of Kolkata. She was driving the car in a rash way and was in totally inebriated condition that time.
When she lost the control at Chingrihata crossing on the Metropoolitan bypass in the Salt Lake area, her car hit the divider. Seeing the accident closely, a taxi driver approached her to help but was thrashed by the woman harshly.
Seeing the incident, a police constable on the duty approached the woman to rescue her form the accident. Taking the constable in surprise, the woman hugged the policeman tightly and kissed him repeatedly.

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