Breakups are the worst whether it’s you who is going through it or your bestie. Getting up the following morning and carrying on with the day seems like an impossible task which somehow needs to be done. Your best friend has been with you through your best and worst days without making a single fuss and now it is your turn to return the deed.
But sometimes helping your BFF can be a very confusing and you could be left clueless in the process. So here are a few ways to help them out while they deal with their great depression.

  • Listen to all their talks

Make sure that you are there with them as much as they need you. Listen to them rant, how much they miss their ex, how they just want to stay in their rooms forever. They can have double standards like how good their ex was and then the next second talk bad about them.

  • Bear with them

Now obviously they can start getting annoying because they do not have their things together but as a bestie it is your job to be calm and be by their side. Just like they have been with you during your breakdowns, you need to be with them during theirs.

  • Give her a change

No person can move on if they are kept indoors sitting with their sweatpants on and binge-eating ice-cream. Give them a change by taking them out for shopping or a movie to freshen up their minds. This will not only keep their minds off of depression but will also give them hope that there are better things to do than just sob over an ex all day.

  • Do not let them contact their ex

This is a major no because things will only get messier. Either he will keep ignoring her messages and calls which will make her feel worse or will answer them with a carefree and moved-on attitude which will again make her feel terrible. So there is no point going back and make sure your BFF knows it.

  • Help her move on

Let her see that there are too many fish in the sea to worry about one. If a guy wasn’t glad to have her in his life, he is better off without her. So give this reality check to her and let her realise that there is nothing to feel so bad about.

  • Keep her busy

Just like you keep yourself busy post-breakup to keep your mind off you ex, do the same for your best friend. Message them every now and then, tag them in memes, take her shopping or even cook to help her stay occupied. Give her reminders on deadlines of work just to make her realise that a guy shouldn’t keep her from living her life.

  • She has others to worry about her

Just because this guy didn’t want her in his life does not mean that no one else wants her either. Let her know how much she means to you and how high others think about her too. Give her examples of the times when others really appreciated her and adored her for who she was.

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