It is easier to impress a guy and then get into a relationship with him but when it comes to maintaining a long term relationship with him, there is a list of things that girls need to keep in mind. Knowingly or unknowingly girls do things that often turn men off. Be it bad hygiene, blabbering mouth or never ending complaining nature, a guy doesn’t like any.

If you want to make your relationship last longer, here are a few things that you need to avoid as they can be a major turn-off for your man:

Pretending to be someone you are no

Girls often pretend to be someone they are not and make a person believe something that isn’t true. This is a big turn off for men. If she can’t be true to the world there are chances that she can never be true to her own self. She’ll pretend that she is super intelligent but the moment you ask her one tricky question, her true colours start to show. This proves that she’s always trying to present a false front.

Being dishonest

A lie is all it takes for a man to lose interest in a girl. Men hate those girls who lie. No matter how big or small it is, a lie is always a lie. Even if it was to avoid trouble or make him feel better or make life simpler, guys just can’t stand a girl who lies. He would rather appreciate it if you tell him the truth so don’t ever comfort him with a lie. Also, it is important to be honest to your partner to ensure that your relationship lasts longer.

Constantly messaging him

The idea of talking to one person all day long is quite annoying. Girls have a habit of texting their guys almost every hour in a day. This completely pisses them off. Every guy expects his girl to do some good things in life other than constantly messaging him. Also, everyone has their own personal space and privacy. Just because a guy is free doesn’t mean he has to spend all his time in talking to her or meeting her.

Being over possessive

Avoid being over possessive about your man. He hates it when he has to tell his girl about every single minute detail of his life. And it gets even worse if he is hanging out with some other female friend and she follows him wherever he goes. Every relationship is based on trust and a guy expects his girl to trust him enough. Some girls are so suspicious that they fake tears for days if her guy doesn’t share his social media passwords with her.


  • Never initiating the action in bed


Some women have fragile ego which holds them back from kick starting the action in the bedroom. But this definitely turns a man off. Guys don’t understand why girls can’t initiate sex if they can. It seems that they are committed to make the first move all the time. If girls have sexual desires, so do guys. Even a guy expects his girl to take the sexual lead sometime and surprise him with her moves.


  • Comparison with other guys

No guy likes it when his girl starts comparing him with another guy. Even if it is done with the purpose of making a guy feel jealous, he won’t appreciate it at all.  It’s very irksome. Guys want to be loved for who they are and not for a twin version of someone that a girl expects them to be. And if a girl tries to change them, there are chances that they will start maintaining distance with her.


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