When you got in your relationship with your partner, you didn’t choose that person cause of your friends. You didn’t fall in love because of your friends. You fell in love with your partner on your own discretion therefore it is also wise to not go on sharing every little detail with your friends. Here are top 6 points about your relationship that you should not discuss with your friends.


It’s okay to talk to your friends about your relationship with your partner. Also, it is okay tell them when you have had a fight. But it is important to remember to never go in the specifics of the fights unless you’re looking for an honest opinion. It gets really awkward for the friend when you talk to them about your fights with your partner but not stop and listen for their opinion. It’s better to avoid such a situation all together.


Always remember that your pals are yours and only yours. Don’t go sharing about your partner’s past relationships with them. If your partner is comfortable sharing their personal history with your friends then it is alright. Respect their silence as well if they do not wish to share. It is not your place to share.


Once you talk about such an issue with your friends, do remember that they will never look at your partner the same way again. It’s going to be a really awkward scenario for your friends when they meet your partner. Intimate things are private affairs and it’s always better to keep them between you and your partner only. Sharing them with your friends will bring in the unwanted attention as well.


Your partner’s problems, issues and headaches really aren’t yours to share to everyone else. You should always give enough space to let your partner talk about their problems with whoever they choose share with. It’s not fair that you go on about sharing your partner’s issues.


Constant bickering and frequent complaining about your relationship can invite trouble. You, spelling your complaints about your partner will only make your friends believe the best option for you is to break up; they only hear your side of the story. Whereas you should try to solve your problems by an open communication, this would lead to solutions and a strengthened bond.


Lastly, comparing your significant other to your ex or your friend’s partner will be leading trouble in your love paradise. Sharing your personal details about your own relationship will lead to problems and further comparing will lead to unrealistic expectations from your partner which is damaging to the relationship.

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