Now, Kadarpur students demanded for school upgradation after Rewari in Haryana

- Jimmy Gupta   19-05-2017


The demand for education is now growing consistently in Haryana. Now, the students of the state don’t want to compromise with the education anymore.  It seems that they can go to any extent for the demand of education.

Some days earlier, there was a remarkable news came out from Haryana’s Rewari, demanding higher education for their institute 80 girls continued a hunger strike and make their demand successful. Now, inspired by the success story of Rewari the students of Kadarpur have also demanded the same. Around 170 students in Kadarpur village in Gurugram have staged a ‘dharna’ outside their school premises. The students urged the authorities to upgrade their school to senior secondary level.

While demanding their rights, the students did not enter the school and they sat outside the school gates. Observing the matter raised by students the authorities tried to vanish the matter.

The authorities are now ensuring that they have tried their best in the matter and they also want a good result for the future of the children. They also told that the case has been forwarded and is being looked into thoroughly. Also, a written request have been submitted and the higher secondary will soon granted to the school as we have informed the students.

While we have seen on Wednesday that Haryana Government had ensured the school of Rewari to be upgraded after the hunger strike of girls, now let see how much hunger strike or dharna more to come from the students for their rights.