'Acche Din' will come only when the party returns to power says Rahul Gandhi

- Alive Correspondent   11-01-2017


Fresh from his holiday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today resumed his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his "incompetent decision" to scrap high-value currency notes, and for "weakening every single institution" that forms the backbone of the country.
Rahul Gandhi today launched a searing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his notes ban decision, telling a large gathering of the Congress that 'Acche Din' will come only when the party returns to power.
"People keep asking when will Acche Din come. They will come only when the Congress comes back to power in 2019," the Congress Vice President said to a roar of approval from party workers. He described demonetisation as the "worst decision" of India's history.
Mr Gandhi also accused PM Modi and the BJP of weakening institutions built over the years.
"The PM can do yoga very well, but have you noticed he cannot do the padmasana (lotus position)? I notice these things. Similarly, when he went with a broom to talk about cleaning India up, did you see how he was holding the broom? Nothing gets cleaned if you hold the broom like that," Rahul said to the guffaws of the crowd.
In recent weeks, he has led the opposition charge against the government's decision to scrap 500 and 1,000-rupee notes and the impact on people, who faced a severe cash crunch in the first few weeks.
The party has not commented on Sonia Gandhi's absence. Party spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil had said yesterday: "Rahul Gandhi has led the agitation against demonetisation and therefore he'll preside over the 'Jan Vedna Sammelan'. We have got a leadership in Rahul Gandhi, who is not mad for power. We have a system."