Tennis queen Sania Mirza Eyes Career Slam in 2017

- Sanjib Sharma   21-12-2016


Tennis star Sania Mirza says she enjoyed incredible results in 2016 and it would be amazing if she could complete a Career Slam next year.



When Sania Mirza took to Twitter to celebrate her accomplishment of being the world No 1 doubles player for the 80th week, the Indian tennis ace ended up getting involved in a bit of banter with former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar when he pointed out that the achievement was in the ‘doubles’ category.




Sania has three Grand Slam titles each in women's and mixed doubles formats.


In a recent interview Sania said, "It was unbelievable year for me, to finish at number one again, to win 8 tournaments, to win a Grand Slam, to be in the final of another. I can't ask for a better year, so it s been an incredible year and I am so happy to be number one, to also finish at number one is a proud moment for me".


At promotional event Sania said further, "I would love to win a Grand Slam next year. If that does happen (winning women's doubles French Open) it would be amazing. I won't kill myself, if I don t. And it s the Wimbledon mix that I am missing. It would be amazing for me to have three back to back years with at-least one slam. So that would be my goal really and everything else follows".


Mirza couldn’t have asked for a better year after winning eight tournaments, which included the Australian Open. “I had to work harder this year than last year and it’s just so much harder because everybody is gunning for you, every tournament you go to, if you don’t win it, it’s a failure. It’s how Novak (Djokovic) has (felt) all the time, it’s how Serena (Williams) has (felt) all the time. Every time you lose in the finals, it is treated as if you have not succeeded at that tournament which is fair enough and that’s why you are the No. 1,” said Mirza.


“It was an incredible partnership and relationship we had on and off the court, but once we moved on, I did learn from her because she is (more) experienced in terms of she is older than me and she has been around much longer,” she said.