Beef causes another clash in BJP

- Ishaan Minocha   07-06-2017


New Delhi: A BJP leader in Meghalaya who had mentioned about “beer and beef party" on a social site to mark three years of his party's government at the Centre has quit. Bachu Marak is the second BJP leader after Bernard Marak to quit the party after the central government has introduced new cattle trade rules banning slaughter.

When Bachu Marak, in a recent Facebook post, updated a "bitchi" (rice beer) and beef party to celebrate three years of the Narendra Modi government, he was reportedly warned by his leadership.

BJP is a party against beef and after declaring many states as dry states.BJP’s national spokesperson Nalin Kohli had warned of stringent action against him.


Bachu Marak has written a statement in his resignation letter "I quit and resign from the party for dishonouring my culture and traditional practices”

Though two district level BJP leaders in Meghalaya have quit within a week, the leadership of the party is least affected. Party heads say the two leaders were ruining the party and they knew they would be dropped in the upcoming reshuffle. Hence, they resigned from BJP giving reasons of cow slaughter.

Talking on the phone from London, BJP's national spokesperson in charge of Meghalaya said the party is in the process of reshuffling the state unit. A new state executive has been appointed. A whole new team is being set up.


Kohli said BJP set up a new state level unit a couple of months ago. The next level of reshuffle would be the districts. The two leaders who quit the party wished to contest the 2018 Assembly elections in Meghalaya. To that end, they had been sabotaging BJP's other potential candidates, he said.