Govt Won't Go Soft On Black Money: Jaitley

- Alive/NNC Correspondent   08-09-2015


 Refusing to relent on the pursuit of black money, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said the government will not "go soft" on bringing unaccounted wealth back into the formal system.

"This (black money) is not an issue which we are going to go soft on. Because, ultimately the target of any economy as it grows is to bring more and more resources into the system," he said at 'The India Summit 2015' organised by The Economist magazine.

The black money problem, Jaitley said, "is a problem confined to few individuals".

"We were reasonable enough to put people on notice and gave them a fair opportunity to bring them in... I can only tell that those who disagree on black money issue, well we will agree to differ," he said.

Jaitley said he had representations from people requesting him to "go easy" on domestic black money.

"I must tell you with great sense of discomfort that I have delegations coming to me saying even on domestic black money please go easy, because this is at least adding to economic activity. Now no economy can indefinitely sustain an argument of this kind," he said.